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Everyone wants a sun kissed look. Being ghostly pale often has an off putting appearance. You do have options to get some color but not all of them are healthy. For example, sitting out in the sun can have numerous negative effects, but with the sun many people are unsure how to get a tan. This is where sunless tanning options can work wonders. For example, spray tans and sunless lotions are great options for people that want a tan without all the negative impacts. Spray tans and sunless lotions are not occasional and not permanent, which makes them even better. If you are looking to get rid of that pale winter skin and add some color, then sunless lotions are a great option. 


Sunless tanning works by providing a person with tan color, without needing harmful UV rays. Spray tans and spray tan kits are a great sunless tanning option. This applies a bronze, tan color to the skin in a misting fashion. There are also lotions that can be applied to the skin to add color as well. 


Another great benefit to sunless tanning is that it is healthier than sun tanning. When tanning under the sun you are exposing yourself to harmful, cancerous UV rays. Of course with moderation this is fine, but it can also be very time consuming. With sun tanning you also run the risk of getting burned, which turns you completely red and has the opposite effect of what you were going for. Tanning under the sun can give you a good look, but there are a lot more negatives compared to sunless tanning.


One of the best parts features of sunless tanning is that it is not permanent. Unlike sun tanning which can burn and leave tan lines for a long time, sunless tanning does none of this. You can buy a spray tan solution that will maintain the tan. This makes spray tanning a great option if you are going to an event or occasion and want to get rid of your pale appearance. Learn more about sunless lotions, click here to get started


If you are looking to get some color on your skin, then you should use sunless tanning options. It offers a lot more benefits that traditional sun tanning. With sun tanning you are opening yourself up to harmful UV rays, potential burning, and an uneven tan. With sunless tanning options like spray tans, you will get an even tan without the negative consequences that traditional tanning has.